My Little Posy



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Answered by Rosie




[accordion title=”FAQ’s”]

[accordion-item title=”How are you different?”]

Unlike “the others” (1-800-GROSS, TeleFUGLY, FTD (Flowers That ‘r’ Disgusting) and flower shops), we sell one unique style each week.  We save you from scrolling through endless pages of generic tacky arrangements.  The bouquets are artisanal, simpler than the traditional bouquets, and wrapped in our signature market style with 100% recycled eco friendly paper.

Each morning we hand select the freshest flowers, design the hand tied bouquets, hand write your message, and hand deliver until we’re sold out that same day (wow, we like the word HAND).  We feature an adoptable dog/cat on every bouquet.  We eliminate storage, excess inventory, and waste passing on the savings to you.

We are local, green, your wallet stays green, and together we are saving animals.  Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

[accordion-item title=”Can I just order one bouquet or do I have to sign up for a subscription?”]

You can simply order 1 bouquet for $30, double your little posies for $50 (saves $10), or triple them for $70 (saves $20).

For an affordable luxury we offer 2 additional products:

  1. The Mac Daddy (4 week subscription): 1 bouquet each week for 4 weeks (4 bouquets for $29 each)
  2. The Gangster (8 week subscription): 1 bouquet each week for 8 weeks (8 bouquets for $28 each)

[accordion-item title=”Why should I order from you when 1-800-GROSS, TeleFUGLY, FTD (Flowers That ‘r’ Disgusting) has more of a selection?”]

These companies are order gatherers /telemarketers.  In other words, they take stock pictures of unoriginal, ho hum (that’s what our Grandmas called it) arrangements.  They take your order and assign it to the closest florist near you.  This poor florist has to replicate the picture exactly.  Sometimes the flowers are not in stock or if they are, the flowers have been sitting in the florist’s coolers for days in preservative and close to the end of their shelf life.  The florist has no creative control over your flowers, the order gatherers take such a large cut of the sale, the florist eventually is pushed out of business, and you just paid for some overpriced inaccurate half dead flowers.  #FlowerFail

[accordion-item title=”When are the posies delivered?”]

If you select the ‘Make Someone Smile’ option on the homepage, little posies will be delivered between 1-5pm for business addresses and 1-7pm for residential addresses for that day displayed on the header picture.  If you select a later date (Order for a future date), little posies will be delivered on that date between 1-5pm for business addresses and 1-7pm for residential addresses.

We can’t time the deliveries or accommodate special requests as the drivers take the most efficient route possible.  This saves the environment and keeps the posies affordable.

If you place your order for a weekend or holiday, little posies will be delivered the next business day.

[accordion-item title=”The single bouquet isn’t enough, what other options do I have?”]

You can double your posies for $50 (saving $10), and triple your posies for $70 (saving $20). You can also add a vase for $10 extra.

[accordion-item title=”What kind of posies will I get?”]

The most fresh to death posies yo!  We hand pick the most beautiful flowers daily.  While we don’t take specific requests and we can’t let you know more than a week in advance what will be in your specific arrangement, we can assure you they will be gorgeous.  You can check out past arrangements on the homepage to see what we’ve designed.

Make sure to sign up for our daily alerts to be the first to know what the little posy of the week is every Monday morning.

[accordion-item title=”Can I order a vase?”]

Absolutely.  Just add on a vase for $10 during the ordering process.  We’ll wrap it up in a box with a ribbon so your recipient gets 2 packages: their posy and their vase.  Because brown paper packages tied up with string….these are a few of our favorite things!

[accordion-item title=”Why don’t my posies look exactly like the picture?”]

We are in the business of providing very fresh, seasonal flowers.  We hand pick our flowers DAILY.  As stated in our Terms of Use section at the time of purchase, if that morning’s market does not yield a particular flower shown, we will replace that flower with another lovely flower of like color, size and price.

[accordion-item title=”Can I get flowers delivered today?”]

We will stop taking orders for same day delivery at 1:00pm Arizona time (Mountain), or earlier if we sell out. If you miss the cut off, you’ll be able to place your order to be delivered the next business day.  If you see Today’s Date on the Header Picture and under Today’s posy on the order page, your lucky recipient will receive their posies today.  If you see the next day’s date on the Header Picture and under Today’s posy on the order page, your lucky recipient will receive their posies the next day.  To minimize waste, we try to match orders to what we buy every day.  We also have to keep our drivers on the most efficient route and schedule possible.  This keeps prices lower and keeps us green.  But sometimes it also means that we sell out for the day.

Pro Tip:  Order your posies in advance (a day or even a week ahead) to lock them in and guarantee delivery.

[accordion-item title=”How can I get little posies delivered in under 1 hour?”]

Depending how close you are to our studio in Phoenix you can get little posies delivered in under 1 hour through Postmates.

Postmates: Visit or download the Postmates App.  Look for My Little Posy and order a “Gorgeous and Super Fresh Bouquet of the Day.”  Under “Special Instructions” write the Recipient’s Name, Message, and Sender’s Name.  First time users get $10 off using the promo Code: rejpp

You’re welcome 🙂

[accordion-item title=”Where do you deliver?”]

Downtown Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Tempe, and Chandler.

We offer $3 deliveries in our zone (yes, we’re super affordable!).  We deliver out of our zone for a nominal fee.  We calculate the delivery fees based on the proximity to our warehouse in 85034 (yes, we’re super fair!).  Click here and under the “Delivery Zip Code” field, pull down the drop down menu to see our specific delivery areas and their corresponding out of zone fees.

We’re little but we plan on growing.  If you don’t see an area we deliver to, send us a note here with your requested suburb and be sure to check our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for expansion announcements.

[accordion-item title=”Why don’t you offer free delivery?”]

In the past deliveries in our zone were free and we kept it this way for as long as we could.  However, Arizona’s minimum wage has increased (and will continue to increase in 2020), petrol prices have increased, and the price of flowers has increased.  In order to stay competitive and retain the five star customer service we’re known for, we can no longer offer free delivery.  Our delivery prices remain fair to our customers (we calculate the delivery fees from our 85034 warehouse).

[accordion-item title=”The zip code I want to deliver to isn’t in your delivery zone but I still want to order flowers. What do I do?”]

Check with us to see if we will make an exception.  E-mail or call us 480-669-8471.

If we approve the delivery there will an out of area delivery fee depending on where your recipient is located from our warehouse in 85034 (check with us delivery fee).  Call us at 480-669-8471 to place your order and we’ll take care of you!

[accordion-item title=”What days do you deliver?”]

We deliver every workday Monday-Friday.  The exceptions are public holidays.

[accordion-item title=”What if my recipient is unavailable and the posies can’t be hand delivered to them?”]

We know you’ve tried your best to be aware of your recipient’s schedule.  In the event they’re not around we will leave the posies in a safe location (at the front desk, with the neighbor, etc.) and we’ll call or text your recipient immediately of its whereabouts.

If the posies need to be redelivered to a 2nd address, there will be an additional $20 charge.

**Please note if you give us permission in the order to “leave at the door if no one is home” My Little Posy releases all liability for thefts, damage, or anything else that happens after the delivery is completed.

[accordion-item title=”What if I want to order posies for someone on a future date?”]

You can select ‘Order for a future date’ to order little posies for someone in advance.

You won’t know what flowers your lucky recipient will be getting until the Monday before their delivery, but we can assure they’ll be as stunning as the bouquets we’ve done in the past.

If you have any questions that aren’t covered here contact us on

[accordion-item title=”Do you do weddings and events?”]

Heck yeah!  Our Creative Directors are certified Arizona Master Florists who live and breathe event florals.  You can find pricing and get a custom quote on our Weddings and Events page.

[accordion-item title=”Why do you foster dogs?”]

Because besides flowers our other passion is furbabies.  And we love our HR Director Leo and his homies.  They need to be saved. Click here for more info.