My Little Posy


The Team

The Team

Who is the My Little Posy team?

A long time ago in a faraway land called Sydney, Australia we worked boring soulless hours in Corporate Finance.  During these hours, some colleagues received beautiful flowers from their significant others.  The flower-less colleagues would mutter under their breath, “I wouldn’t want my boyfriend sending me flowers.  What a waste of money.”  HATERS.

Alas, life changed and we moved to the magical land of the “U S and A!” (*in Borat voice)

We didn’t miss our corporate lives, but we always came back to the memory of the flowers.  

The flowers giving a ray of hope in corporate cubicle hell.  The flowers that helped push us through 7am-7pm.  The flowers that changed Debbie Downer into Debbie Delighted.

We started My Little Posy because we believe the power of flowers is priceless.  

We believe delivered flowers should be accessible to everyone.  We believe that no one should have to drink Hater-ade.

We’re changing the flower game; one bouquet a day at a time.  And everyone in Phoenix, Arizona shall live happily ever after.

True story bro.


Nezza, AzMF

Chief Flower Officer

Our Arizona Master Florist hates running. In a zombie invasion she’d get eaten (she tastes like vanilla protein shakes).


Social Media Officer

She handles everything pretty on our site and social media. She loves photography, road trips, her Boxer puppy, and music, (except jazz, nobody likes jazz).


Happiness Director

He’s the master mind of MLP’s logistics. If you see him on the road hi-five him and let him know you love ASU (he’s a die hard Sun Devil fan).


Human Resources Director

He purrs when we kiss his head while he sleeps. He won’t file for harassment in the workplace because he likes it.