I first stumbled upon My Little Posy as I was perusing the Scottsdale Farmer’s Market on a totally normal Saturday. As I typically have fresh flowers in my house any chance I can get I was immediately drawn over to their booth, who needs veggies anyways? jk. But in all seriousness they did such a beautiful job doing a special custom arrangement for my husband’s best friends date that night. He said he wanted the girl to fall in love with him so I figured why not be a great wing woman and have him bring some gorgeous flowers to wow her. The girl at the booth, I wish I would have asked her name- she was so sweet, she was training someone new, I appreciated her thoughtfulness and attention to detail and I know his date did too, as I later found out. Of course since I was giving the flowers away I had to take a picture with them for my blog because well, they were to pretty to not document.

Fast forward to a few weeks later and I was SO impressed with MLP that I decided to have a second bouquet delivered to my Grammie on her 78th birthday. She LOVED them. I absolutely love the way these flowers are arranged, it is so true that the presentation sets these flowers apart by far. Why would you spend $30 on a bouquet anywhere else when you are going to get generic a** flowers when you could spend the same amount at MLP and get something special and beautiful. And to top it off, their customer service is amazing. I got a follow-up email thanking me for my purchase and it wasn’t just a generic thank you email, it was personalized with my name and my Grammie’s name. Above and beyond! And I promise this won’t be the last bouquet I purchase with MLP. Keep it up you, rockstar flower people, you.