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Thanks a million for your interest in My Little Posy!

Interested in partnering with us?  Want to help spread the word about MLP?  We love mutual collaborations *heart emoji*!  Fill out this questionnaire with all the details and let’s try to make it happen!

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    Criteria for partnerships/mutual collaborations:

    1. Partner's audience demographic has to align with MLP's target market.

    2 . Partner has to have a minimum of 5,000 legitimate IG followers, FB likes, or Twitters followers, 20 posts or tweets, and partner is required to post a minimum of 3 social media posts mentioning AND tagging MLP.

    3 . My Little Posy’s logo, slogan, AND website are required to be PRINTED on marketing collateral (marketing flyers, business cards, etc.) which need to be submitted to MLP a minimum of 2 weeks in advance OR

    4 . Partner is non-profit 501(c) who can supply us with a tax certificate with a tax ID.

    5. All sponsorship requests must be submitted at least 4 months prior to the event.


    6. MLP's marketing collateral is to be distributed and MLP branded vases are required to hold ALL arrangements.

    7. MLP's banner is to be displayed in a conspicuous area of the event.

    8. One MLP team member is required to present at event (ticket provided by your company).