Today’s Posy: Friday 9/22 (SOLD OUT for the day but you can still pre-order for Monday or later)


    This week’s posy:

    Larkspur, Alstromeria, Lavender and White Roses, & Poms.

    Saturday morning we went hiking with our friend Monique who told us her incredible life story filled with jaw dropping adversity.  This bouquet is dedicated to everyone who goes through many struggles; health, financial, family, etc.  Please remember you are not unlucky.  You are attending this school called Life University and you are getting your PhD in it.  You are an advanced soul.  We love you.

    Peace and Flowers,


    ****We are in the business of providing very fresh, seasonal flowers.  We hand pick our flowers DAILY.  As stated in our Terms of Use section at the time of purchase, if that morning’s market does not yield a particular flower shown, we will replace that flower with another lovely flower of like color, size and price.

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