Today’s Posy: Friday January 19


    This week’s posy:

    Larkspur, Snow Roses, Buttons, Statice, and Cedar.

    Normally we despise January as it’s the Monday of months.  We’ve already broken our New Year’s Resolutions (on January 2nd to be exact).  The holiday lights have come down and we don’t know what to do with ourselves.  This posy is dedicated to us, to you, and to everyone going through winter blues.  We hope you crack a smile when celebrating January birthdays.  Because we all know the birthday girl/boy was conceived on April Fool’s Day 😉

    Peace and Flowers,


    ****We are in the business of providing very fresh, seasonal flowers.  We hand pick our flowers DAILY.  As stated in our Terms of Use section at the time of purchase, if that morning’s market does not yield a particular flower shown, we will replace that flower with another lovely flower of like color, size and price.

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